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Converge program sessions will feature inspiring leaders as well as opportunities to interact with peers.

Horst Schulze


Service Excellence

The Ritz-Carlton

Co-founder of Ritz Carlton Hotels, Horst Schulze's vision and leadership raised the bar for service and hospitality worldwide.  Consider the implications of applying service excellence to your IT experience. 

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Ed Bastian


Customer Experience

Delta Air Lines

Technology can elevate the customer experience and differentiate your brand from the competition. 

Ed Bastian, a 23-year Delta veteran, serves the world’s most reliable, customer-focused airline as CEO. His most important role has been taking care of people, so that they can continue to take great care of Delta’s customers.

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Jeff Sprecher


Connecting People & Opportunity

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.

The Founder, Chair & CEO of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.(NYSE: ICE) will discuss the origin story of the $75B Fortune 500 company, the guiding principles that have led to double-digit growth every year since going public in 2006, and the efforts to transform and digitize the U.S. residential mortgage industry. 

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Becky Blalock


The Power of Community

Southern Company

While there is no textbook for how to be a great CIO, Becky Blalock, former Fortune 500 CIO, author, consultant and board member will share strategies to grow as a leader.

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James Dallas


From CIO to CEO & Beyond


As a 2-time Fortune 500 CIO, author, consultant, and board member, James Dallas credits his success to bridging the gap between strategy and execution. His leadership has produced 10 CIOs for billion-dollar organizations.

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David Salyers


Becoming Remarkable


While 80% of Chick-fil-A resembles other quick-service restaurants,  20% is different. Gain advantage by focusing on your organizations’ uniqueness to become remarkable. 

As VP of Marketing, David was responsible for introducing Chick-fil-A’s now-famous Cow campaign,“Eat Mor Chikin.” Hear how you can elevate the way technology is viewed in your organization, from necessary & mundane to becoming a strategic differentiator.

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Peter High


Getting to Nimble


Learn the best practices of leading companies transforming people, processes, technologies, ecosystems, and strategies for the digital era.

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